Pumpkin Carving

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year. The colours are incredible, there’s an exciting crisp chill in the air, and it’s a fabulous excuse to wear the hundreds of scarves and gloves that I keep crammed in a closed drawer for 75% of the year.

October, in particular, is wonderful because the whole month feels like an elaborate build-up to Halloween. My dad’s birthday is actually on Halloween itself, which means I never properly celebrate it, but it’s exciting to see the suspense build, and for me the whole season is associated with quality time spent with my family and friends.

My flatmate and I are really lucky this year to be living right in the centre of London, so we decided we’d make the most of our amazing location and walk to this awesome place called Drink, Shop & Do, which is really close to King’s Cross Station and is literally a 20 minute walk from our flat! We’d booked a spot on one of their Sparkling Pumpkin Carving evenings, which was so so cute – it was basically an evening which consisted of champagne (it was included in the ticket price!), eating parmesan and truffle breadsticks (yepp, this was legit the classiest we’ve ever been haha), and desperately trying to be creative/trying not to get covered in pumpkin flesh/trying to stab the pumpkin more often than your own hand. I have to say, for £12 each we really got a lot!!!


It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in London, and the whole place had a quirky and super relaxed atmosphere. We discovered they actually do loads of different events: you can do practically anything there, from paper plane competitions to making your own neon-style light!

Carrying the pumpkins back to our flat was definitely one of the highlights of the evening. We were both so proud of our vegetable creations that we accidentally ended up looking like two new mums carrying their babies and gazing down at them with genuine adoration.


I’d love to know what you like getting up to during Autumn, and ways that you celebrate Halloween 🙂

 Georgia x

Here’s the link to the Drink, Shop & Do website if you fancy checking it out:



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